Three Laws mesmerise on Siren Song 

Louise Gold and Adam Relf are London-based duo Three Laws who will soon be releasing their debut album Illuminated. Today though they’re kicking off proceedings with the launch of the record’s lead single Siren Song and it’s one of those tracks that, as well as introducing you to an act that you know is special from the get go, also tucks away subtler moments to enjoy when they reveal themselves on repeat listens. 

If you don’t succumb to Relf’s looping piano melody and rhythmic snare taps, then you’ll fall under Gold’s own sirenic spell because her interwoven vocals are nothing short of intoxicating. A mesmerising violin solo adds further sonic gravitas and emotional intrigue to the duo’s cautionary tale of alluring love shrouded in danger, as the track approaches its denouement. 

When Adam heard the song, the narrative had begun to form,” explains Gold when talking about the process of teaming her words with her partner in crime’s instrumentation. “For him, the woman was the siren, or seductress, wielding the power of love over the man in the story. The ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ lyric suggests this love or journey is spellbinding and dangerous. They are on the run, partners in crime, and she is leading them over the edge

Adam originally wrote the piano part after seeing a documentary about an oak tree. But the rest of the music and rhythms grew out of the vocal and the narrative. The tension builds as you start to realize it won’t end well for the couple. The strings swell when the story reaches its tragic conclusion.”

A spellbinding and expertly crafted triumph.

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