HAERTS premiere new single No Love For The Wild 

From an intro of cautious strings and a hushed piano melody, emerges the heart melting vocals of Nini Fabi on HAERTS’ latest single No Love For The Wild which is out today. In short, this is a track that hones in on its lead singer’s inimitable talent, yet still reaches cinematic highs when its gorgeous chorus arrives. 

“No love for the wild, no love for the true. I gave you my world and I took it from you” sings Fabi on what the duo call “less of a truth than a burning outcry and the hope to be proven wrong.” 

Taken from their upcoming second studio album, this follow up to the record’s lead single Your Love sees HEARTS continuing to delve in to complications of the heart but their journey to get there sees the production taking on a much more natural and expansive sound than we heard on their synth-peppered self-titled debut. 

If less is more, HAERTS have bucketloads and the sprawling No Love For The Wild is a stunning addition to a discography already brimming with beauty. 

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