Scavenger Hunt remix Betty Who’s Mama Say

Betty Who has called upon Scavenger Hunt to remix her single Mama Say and the union is a match made in Heaven. The Aussie pop star is full of charisma and charm (check out her recent PressPlay OK podcast outing below) and that affectionately plays out on the original version of the track which is taken from her recently released second studio album The Valley, and isn’t lost in the remix. The glossy reworking from Scavenger Hunt, the duo behind the synthpoptastic Wildfire and Till I See a Sign, does though add further sparkle to an already shimmering piece of ear candy. 

If you’ve not had the chance to listen to The Valley yet, you’re missing out on some of Betty’s finest pop work yet, and don’t forget this is a woman who gave us the euphoric highs of Glory Days and Somebody Loves You on her 2014 debut. 

You Can Cry Tomorrow and Blue Heaven Midnight Crush, if you please, warrant immediate attention, plus there’s a Warren G collaboration (“Warren G, rap for me...”) and of course Betty’s cover of Donna Lewis’ 90s smash I Love You Always Forever which charted in the Top 40 in both New Zealand and her homeland last year. 

Listen to Betty’s entertaining PressPLAY OK interview below for tour talk, blow job chatter and her thoughts on pressure in the music industry and scroll down for the Mama Say music video.

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