Steps debut new track You Make Me Whole 

You Make Me Whole is the second track to be lifted from Steps upcoming album Tears on the Dancefloor and, as well as being a worthy pop belter with a summery island vibe, it features a nice little lyrical reference to H & Claire’s second single Half a Heart in the chorus. Well, it mentions ‘half a heart’. 

I doubt many songs released in 2017 will live up to the brilliance of the new record’s lead cut Scared of the Dark which defied all expectations by briefly peaking at the top of the UK iTunes chart and giving the chart-topping group their first taste of top 40 success in fifteen years. You Make Me Whole doesn’t come close to reaching the giddy highs of its predecessor but it does provide further reassurance that the new record is going to more than satisfy Steps’ legion of fans – this is strong Alcazar-worthy material – and that their renaissance is absolutely no flash in the pan. 

Tears on the Dancefloor will be available from 21 April. Preorder it from iTunes now

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