Bleachers debut exhilarating pop banger Don’t Take The Money 

There’s a brief dual pounding of electronic percussion just before the chorus of Bleachers’ exhilarating new single Don’t Take The Money takes hold that harks right back to some kinda Frankie Goes to Hollywood era – a sure sign of brilliance if ever there was one and one of many subtle moments that elevate this track from being ‘very good’ to one of the very best pop songs you’ll have heard in a long time. 

From the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it opening chatter to the gentle backing vocals post-middle eight; from the anthemic chorus that commands volume at full tilt to Jack Antonoff’s stripped back speak-singing; from the hearty, steamrolling percussion to the galaxy of sparkling synths – Don’t Take The Money is a prime example of a pop song that doesn’t let up. 

Antonoff is widely regarded as one of the greatest songwriters around right now – he’s written with Taylor Swift (Out of the Woods), Tegan & Sara (How Come You Don’t Want Me), Troye Sivan (Heaven), St. Lucia (Help Me Run Away) and was most recently credited on Lorde’s Green Light. But, while Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desire reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2014, singles like I Wanna Get Better and Rollercoaster struggled to gain a stranglehold on the singles charts. 

What they needed was this track. Miss it at your pop peril. 

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