Steps premiere new pop banger Scared of the Dark

Now this is a comeback single of epic proportions. Celebrating twenty years since the release of their debut single 5,6,7,8, Steps are back with new single Scared of the Dark and Faye, Claire, Lisa, H & Lee have done absolutely everything right. From that discoball-centric artwork, to the promise of more of their famed choreography, the five piece who racked up fifteen top ten hits back in the late 90s and early 00s are not holding back from delivering what their fans first fell in love with. 

But the jewel in the crown is the song itself which draws upon the band’s established penchant for ABBA-esque (and ABBA-quality) pop bangers (One for Sorrow, After The Love Has Gone), delivering strings and piano keys and a steamrolling belter of a chorus. Yes. That chorus. Introduced with a three-times call of “I’ll scream”, it’s thrilling and euphoric and emotional and it’s up there with the centerpieces of Steps’ career highs (Summer of Love, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel). 

If the band’s new studio album Tears on the Dancefloor is packed with tunes of this caliber, then this could well turn out to be one of the finest pop renaissances of our generation. 

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