HAERTS usher in new album with aching new single Your Love 

Three years after they put out their superb self-titled debut, duo HAERTS have shared the first single from their upcoming second album which is due to be released later this year. Fans of the singles that the first record housed (Wings, All the Days, Call My Name), will find a similar template laid down for Your Love which navigates themes of heartache and unsettled discontent; the longing for something better emotionally intensified by lead singer Nini Fabi’s yearning, vocals and the track’s soothing synths and rolling percussion. 

“It’s the crazy and almost reckless feeling that comes with the uncertainty of a love. The wish for answers that can’t be given, or an endpoint that I think does not exist,” says Fabi about Your Love. “I don’t want to love you if you can’t love me now. [“Your Love”] is about trying to rationalize something that can’t be rationalized.”

HAERTS have never shied away from positioning their music with stirring visuals – last year’s standalone two track EP POWER/LAND was released alongside a short film and their early clips were more stylishly shot vignettes – and you can easily imagine their latest narrative blossoming on video. 

For now though, listen below and swoon. 

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