X&Y soar to pop highs on superb sophomore EP Experience Y – Listen here

Experience Y, the second EP from up-and-coming UK trio X&Y, is an all-too-short short but expertly executed package of prime electropop, packing more hits in to  a three track collection than many well known artists can squeeze in to an entire album.

Opening track, and the band’s latest release, Gold has all the hallmarks of a signature track, living up to its title with glistening synths, a rousing, memorable chorus and a showcase for the Ben, Rhys and Ash’s individually distinctive vocals. 

The falsettos and spell-rendering woahs give way to more collective harmonies on Secrets, the band’s last single, which layers slinky, come-to-bed vocals over pulsating electrobeats and never lets up. This is the EP’s pre-party playlist number and would slot nicely on to a radio A-list. 

Another previous single Footprints, released shortly before the band’s opening set for Take That at last year’s British Summertime Ball, closes Experience Y with a warm-hearted declaration for love, delivered over galloping synths leaving you riding a dazzling pop high. 

If you’re a fan of the latest returns from Years & Years and Olly Murs (and who isn’t, really?), then you’re sure to find something to love here. An EP for any discerning pop fan in his or her right mind, that never outstays it welcome and leaves you thirsty for more, Experience Y is solid gold. 

Catch the guys live for a headline show at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London on 21 March (find tickets) or when they play The Great Escape festival and listen to the new EP below. 

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