90s Crush legend Jennifer Paige debuts new single The Devil’s in the Details: 

Whereas once upon a time Jennifer Paige was famously playing it cool with a boy and insisting their relationship was nothing more than a crush, these days she can be found casting a spell over stirring electronics, backtracking on a pledge that she made to her latest beau after hastily getting into a relationship with him. “What did I get myself into? I promised I’d be with you,” laments the singer on her atmospheric new electropop single The Devil’s in the Details which is out this week – those ‘details’ being the blanks that weren’t disclosed up front by her significant other before they started dating (the ones that essentially make him a pretty tough chap to love). 

You can’t help but feel for Jennifer. Nineteen years may have passed since the commercial success of Crush, but The Devil’s in the Details delivers a similar theme of naivety, albeit this time around the infectious pop sheen has been replaced with shuddering synths and a tone that’s filled with regret rather than unadulterated youthful lust. 

It’s a welcome return though from one of our 90s pop favourites – not quite a comeback though as true fans will know Jen has not really stopped releasing music. Remember that cracking 2009 duet with Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter? You should do. Or her work with Coury Palermo? In fact, an album called Starflower, her first studio set in eight years, is coming next month thanks to support from a Kickstarter campaign. 

Download The Devil’s in the Details from iTunes now and listen below. 

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