POWERS premiere music video for power pop banger Dance:

The musical partnership of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru has recently resulted in a number of heated bangers (Hot, Sunshine) but US duo POWERS are this year more primed than ever to crack the big time. Today they release Dance – a power pop frenzy, to say the least – and they’ve announced their debut album Alpha which will be released on 7 April. Joyous times. 

An anthem for the carefree that’s designed to distract, right from its spoken intro, Dance sees Mike and Crista playfully exchanging tongue-in-cheek lyrics building up to a huge chorus complete with thumping percussion beats, guitar strikes and ‘woo-ooo-ooo-ooos’. 

While they’re mainly championing having a riot on the dance floor, POWERS also find the time to reference why it’s so important – e.g. out-of-touch presidents fearful of climate change and the mullet-sporting cross section of society who aren’t, let’s say, progressive.

Between them, Mike and Crista have written for the likes of Selena, Christina and Kylie – their pedigree is strong. Hunt them down on social media and you’ll see that they’re pretty much an unedited riot and if there’s anything you can expect from the upcoming LP, it’s fun with a capital FU. 

Dance is out now on iTunes and watch the bloody brilliant video below.

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