Sara Hartman premieres new song From the Other Side of the World

From the Other Side of the World
is the latest single from Sara Hartman who this year has already followed up her 2015 breakthrough Monster Lead Me Home with follow up Two Feet Off The Ground and her debut EP Satellite. The American singer-songwriter truly excels as a poetic troubadour – her keenly-observed lyrics are rich with content, and reflect the experiences of someone you’d expect to be far older than her own 21 years.

“I wrote ‘From The Otherside Of The World’ for my little sister. I was in Berlin writing when she had her 6th birthday back home in Sag Harbor. I sat down and wrote a letter to her and these words became the lyrics of this song”.

“I was so excited to ask her to do the cover art. She is becoming a strong and wide eyed young woman and I am so happy that we can share this song.”

With her seemingly unwavering ability to dig beneath the skin and surface those emotions, and a gimmick-free accompaniment that pulls close up on her nuanced vocals, Hartman is one of the most broadly appealing and talented new finds of the past year. 

Listen to From the Other Side of the World below. 

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