Betsy premieres Wanted More music video 

According to acclaimed newcomer Betsy, her latest single Wanted More was written about a doomed relationship with a sly dish who kept a pretty big secret from her when they were seeing one another. 

“It’s about a model I dated,” says the Welsh singer-songwriter who has released two of the year’s finest singles with Lost & Found and Fair. “Beautiful but devious. His distant behaviour all made sense later when I discovered the swine was married.” 

Sporting bold blonde hair, strikingly defined features and a clear sense of style, the former fashion industry ingenue comes with an indomitable aesthetic that visually sets her aside from many of her UK-hailing musical counterparts. Add to that her empowering lyrical prowess born from own experiences, those soaring, powerhouse vocals which pack a hefty punch and a personable approach that’s both relatable and raises a smile, and we may have on our hands someone who can truly live up to the potential of becoming the UK’s next great pop diva. 

And, with Radio 1 and Radio 2 both clambering to play her music and the web’s leading publications singing her praises, Betsy is already on the verge of great things, and leaping over the hurdles of falling in to one specific genre that appeals to one specific audience. Wanted More is an example of that all manifesting in to the perfect outcome. It’s out now. Listen below. 

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