Introducing Mondo Cozmo – Listen to new single Shine, and Hold On To Me:

It’s probably too early to even attempt to pigeonhole Mondo Cozmo as a certain type of artist. A recent signing to Republic Records, the LA-based musician has only two singles to his name so far and they’re not really comparable – but they both showcase an artist who could quite simply be one of the next big names in music.  

Released back in July, Cozmo’s debut release Hold On To Me is an experimental fusion of genres; the singer’s soulful vocals breaking through from a backdrop of lo-fi ambience, ricocheting rock percussion and grinding electronics. New single Shine on the other hand is one of those songs that feeds the mind and the heart – a wholly optimistic alternative to its more primal predecessor, that spins its uplifting Americana-influenced narrative around an organic accompaniment of acoustic guitars and drums and concludes with a gospel-backed crescendo. 

Both tracks (scroll down to listen) suggest a multitude of influences – there are Bowie and Dylan vibes – hey, bigger picture moment Shine could quite nicely sit on Eddie Vedder’s superb Into The Wild soundtrack. 

Where Mondo Cozmo heads next is anybody’s guess but few artists are making music that sounds as thrilling and enriching as this and so I’m going to be paying close attention – I’d encourage you to do the same.

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