Dragonette debut new single Body 2 Body: 

Whatever the weather, you can always rely on Dragonette to turn out the goods and, with a new album out next month – their first in four years, the Canadian pop troop are pulling out all the stops to remind us that they’re one of the best pop bands around. 

Here then comes the lyric video for Body 2 Body from Royal Blues – the long-awaited follow up to Marta, Dan and Joel’s 2012 banger-crammed Bodyparts. Marta says in an interview with Nylon that, from her own personal experience, it may result in sexy dance moves and that’s definitely what we get in the lyric video which features two attractive, semi-clad dancers participating in some sensual choreography. 

Thanks to last year’s shoulda-smash Let The Night Fall (one of my Top 10 singles of 2015 – truth) and their feature on Mike Mago’s actual smash Outlines, it doesn’t feel like four years have passed since their last LP but, during that time, Dan and Marta’s personal relationship ended and so what we’re about to receive is a record about “the fragility of love and relationships, and making sense of all the shades of gray that come along with how we humans love one another.” 

We’ve heard some of that in previous tasters Lonely Heart and the Dado-assisted Sweet Poison. We get more of it in Body 2 Body

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