Norway’s Hanne Leland premieres new single Queen

Hanne Leland.jpeg

Back in March, we were pointed in the direction of Norwegian pop star Hanne Leland, just as she was about to release a really good pop song called Keep On Movin. Six months down the line, and Hanne is back with another goodie called Queen which encourages people to claim their throne, and it’s available to download from iTunes now.

“I wrote Queen about this one person who repeatedly tried to tear me down,” says Hanne, whose debut album Honest – a country record – came out in 2014. “So I was initially writing a song about my own struggle,  but when that chorus came about  in the studio, I remember feeling like this song is not just about me anymore. The song is a message to all my fellow humans about demanding respect and living life on their own terms. I would say it definitely has some good old girl power in it.”

This is the first single from Hanne’s upcoming second LP which will be released in 2017. A music video is coming later this month.

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