Canadian duo Beat Market debut spacey, soulful Malika collab Doors

beat market

Montreal-based duo Beat Market will release their second studio album Sun Machine on 11 November and this week founding members and old uni pals Louis-Joseph Cliche and Max Bellavance debuted the collection’s first cut Doors online. Featuring some slinky and soulful guest vocals from R&B singer Malika, Doors is a synth-packed, spacey dance tune that will whet the appetites of Beat Market’s market, well ahead of the upcoming album launch.

Scroll down for the album tracklist and listen to Doors below.

Sun Machine tracklist: 

1. Dune
2. Sun Machine
3. Doors (ft. Malika)
4. Stars
5. Turn My Colors On (with French Horn Rebellion)
6. Riders
7. Mariane
8. See What I Mean (ft. Aliza)
9. Les Belles Années
10. Madonyx
11. Atlantis (with APigeon)

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