Autoheart pack a punch in new Oxford Blood music video: 

Autoheart will release their second studio album I Can Build A Fire on 26 August and we’ve already had a brilliant taster with the record’s epic, synth-fuelled lead cut Possibility but latest single Oxford Blood really ups the excitement levels and packs one hell of a Punch. Not only is it an impassioned pop song, it comes with a vivid, powerful and emotionally evocative Prano Bailey-Bond directed music video that comes loaded with sentiment and carries an important message. 

“Our music video, Oxford Blood, is a fantasy, a love story,” confirm Autoheart. “We made it in collaboration with Rain Dove, who stars in it. We want you to share it, to start a conversation. Is Rain a guy, or a girl? Both? Neither? Does it matter? Why?”

“The world is in need of so much good, we can’t limit each other based on simple aesthetics,” adds Rain. “If I took away your arms, your genitals, your eyes and ears, you would still be you. You are something bigger.”

It’s not the first time Autoheart have used their videos to start a broader conversation. The clip for their single Moscow features two gay soldiers kissing in front of the Kremlin, while the band called out the Russian government for its ‘anti-gay’ crisis. 

Watch the music video for Oxford Blood below. 

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