MDNGHT get disco fever on funky new single Feel So Good:

MDNGHT burst on to our radar way back in 2013 with their scorching Into the Night EP, led by the release of its superb title track. They had us so won over, we tipped the Manchester band for big things on our list of Ones to Watch in 2014 and, after a string of live appearances, the band put out another great single called Breeze

Things though went a little quiet but then, this time last year, the  band premiered a new version of Into The Night and we got excited all over again, thinking things were about to heat up. Then it all went quiet again. 

Now though MDNGHT are back, having just dropped a cracking new track on iTunes called Feel So Good and it’s bursting with groovy guitar licks and disco-ready beats that are a perfect match for lead singer Jordan Lewin’s ever-smooth and soulful vocals. 

Plus, there’s more. It seems like the reason MDNGHT have been so quiet recently is because they’ve been keeping their heads down in the studio. Yup. An album is coming and you don’t have to wait to long, as it’ll be out 26 August. 

Welcome back boys. 

Download Feel So Good right here, check it out below and let us know what you think on our Facebook page

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