BEGINNERS – What We Are 

Los Angeles-based pop band Beginners have premiered the latest cut from their incoming sophomore EP Pleaser which will be released on 16 September. 

The four piece, who have previously toured with Walk The Moon and Tove Lo, shared their perky “underdog anthem” What We Are today, whetting appetites for the follow up to their 2014 self-titled debut EP. 

What We Are is about my childhood in Indiana,” lead singer Samantha Barbera told Interview who premiered the track this week. “When I was growing up, my mom struggled financially and we were forced to live off of food stamps. Despite being poor in an otherwise wealthy town, she always instilled an impenetrable sense of confidence in me.

“I still have vivid memories of riding my second-hand bike around my neighborhood, wearing a giant gold medallion from the 70s that I took from my mom’s jewellery  box, feeling like I owned the streets. It’s an underdog anthem about being proud of who you are, regardless of what anyone tells you.” 

A bouncy tune packed with coercing, brain-embedding hooks and spunky lyrics that pack a punch, What We Are serves up the free-wheeling attitude of Dragonette’s hedonistic pop rollers, making this a worthy addition to your IDGAF power playlist. 

Pleaser tracklist:

01) Gangsters or Lovers

02) What We Are

03) I F*cking Hate You

04) Stereo

05) Making Love To The Dead

06) Melting Into One

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