SEARLS – Follow [EP]


Last month, Irish singer-songwriter SEARLS pre-empted the release of his first EP Follow with the launch of its lead cut Demons and now you can check out the entire collection which is streaming via Soundcloud.

Each of the three songs featured on the debut set have been produced by LJ Looper who folds piano keys and snare strokes in with atmospheric synths and absorbing backing calls, all the while ensuring not to detract from SEARLS’ reflective lyrics and eloquently-served vocals. Title track and EP opener Follow is a mesmerising end of night-serving number set around a chorus of simmering dance beats, but with verses that pull it back to the shadows. Hurricane showcases the Irishman’s aptitude for using his nuanced vocals to draw light and shade, while Demons – a song written about SEARLS’ personal experience with tragedy and loss – seeks hope in a desperate situation.

Follow is a collection that intends to provoke questions and stir the emotions, not one that sets out to delivers throwaway pop or get you on the dancefloor. But there’s a magnetic quality and intimate tenderness to SEARLS’ style of ambient electronica which makes this an easily palatable EP; one that resonates, and becomes more rewarding with each listen.

The EP can be downloaded via iTunes right here plus it’s streaming via Spotify too so be sure to add it to your playlist. 



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