Calypso – Calypso EP 

Well this is a very pleasant surprise – it’s the debut EP from Tasmanian singer-songwriter – and all round great-pop-star-in-the-making – Calypso. 

With only one fantastic solo single under her belt, Numbered, Calypso hasn’t beaten around the bush in getting more of her music out in to the open and the self-titled collection includes that saxy stomper, as well as three new songs which each showcase a very side of her sound and explore the intricacies of human relationships. 

When Love Don’t Feel Right is a stripped back electronic number punctuated with brooding synths and emerging percussive beats, the slow-burning Hunting pulls a dreamily ambient dancefloor number out of the hat, while EP closer Field of Violets serves up a bold and defiant dose of atmospheric anti-pop. 

Out 29 June, the Calypso EP has been produced by KOWL. He took a selection of songs that the Aussie newcomer handpicked from those which she has written over the course of the past few years and turned them in to something that reflects the EP’s themes of growth and change. 

“Whether that’s within a relationship or within oneself,” adds Calypso. “I think it’s a reflection on how life is constantly moving, and you have to adapt to your surroundings and learn how to survive through the changes. 

“The EP is also about the push and pull of love, how we can connect with other people and how we can move apart from one another as well. I hope the EP can take the listener on a bit of a journey, as they connect and relate to the words and the music through their own personal experiences.” 

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