Amy Milner – Help 

Hailing from Suffolk in England, Amy Milner is a talented new Brit songstress whose new single Help is out now. 

Included in Amy’s list of artists that she looks up to are Cat Power, Sharon Van Etten and Laura Viers and she was raised in a household where Chrissie Hyde and Stevie Nicks were mainstays on the stereo. Early on, Help draws upon the storytelling influences of those primary instigators, introducing listeners to the 21 year old’s own evocative, nerve-jangling vocal and beautifully written narrative, along with her skills behind the piano. 

By the time the track closes, the ethereal vocal clarity and the striking keys have been swept up in a ball of amplifying dense distortion, the melodies echoing through a melée of increasingly frazzled electronics and snares. The song’s shift in tone from aching purity to stirring claustrophobia is a bold and rewarding move, and it’s one that hints at the risks that this new Brit on the block is willing and ready to make. 

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