Maggie Rogers – Alaska 

Maggie Rogers’ new single Alaska is more than just a passing moment of wonderful electronically-charged folk music –  it’s a mellowing concoction of blissful coos and soothing lyrics, that even caught the attention of Pharrell when he met the student at the Clive Davis Instite earlier this month. “I have no notes,” said Pharrell, referring to Maggie’s sound as “singular” and incomparable to anyone else. 

 “I’ve never heard anyone like you before and I’ve never heard anything that sounds like that,” said Pharrell. “That’s a drug for me. That was cool and I’d be very curious to see what your visuals look like.”

It’s seems like people agree. Alaska has already picked up over 250,000 Soundcloud streams alone in its first 24 hours of release. 

“The music, in a lot of ways, reflects this meditative quality I get from hiking and dancing,” Maggie told Pigeons and Planes this week. “They’re two polar opposite things when you’re thinking about them from a distance. With one, you’re alone in the middle of nature. The other involves loud music and groups of people. But my experiences with both of them in the last three years have turned them into a mental health thing, a grounding process. I think about them in the same way. They’re the most ancient, primal release.”

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