The Beach – Geronimo

The Beach 2016

The Beach has premiered his new single Geronimo.

Released this week, along with a beautifully shot Acapulco-filmed video that sees locals casting coloured sands in to the air as they dive from cliffs, the latest track from George Morgan is his best yet.

Exquisitely observed snapshots of loneliness and reflection give way to unbridled joy and optimism, and the London-based musician uses carefully considered periods of momentary stillness and rousing arena-suited production to keep his audience on their toes for the duration.

Geronimo is a feel good song about being in a bad situation, and then someone or something comes along and helps you rise above it. The song stands for taking a leap of faith,” says The Beach who is following up the release of his 2015 singles Thieves, From Above and Maybe.

Leveraging his strength in crafting compelling story arcs and hooks, and the full scope of his vocal magnitude, Geronimo is a rich, emotional rollercoaster that is crying out for radio play. Don’t miss it.


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