Calypso – Numbered [Official Music Video]  

Last month we added Tasmanian singer-songwriter Calypso to our ever-increasing list of young female solo artists to get very excited about. 

If you have heard her debut single Numbered, then you’ll know why. The lead cut from Calypso’s upcoming debut EP opens with thudding piano keys and brooding, soulful vocal swells, before the percussion gives way to an influx of electronic beats, funky guitar rhythms and sax breaks. And if there’s one thing we love in pop music, it’s sax breaks. 

There’s now a striking visual to go with the track which is the result of seriously editing what was initially a long list of concepts and ideas, and came about by working closely with Raef Sawford. 

“In the end I booked out a hall, gathered up a mountain of clothes, a smoke machine, a strobe light and some paint, and basically just went with the flow,” says the former S L O W singer quite matter of factly. 

“The character in the video is alluring but also distant and detached,” she adds about the video’s theme. “I wanted to display the eagerness of love but also the other side of that which makes us want to run from what we feel because we fear it.”

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