Passerine – Synthetic Heart  

A delicious cut here from Melbourne trio Passerine whose experimental Synthetic Heart sees singer Phoebe’s intoxicating vocals jostling amongst a bevy of pulsing, glitchy electronics and late night grooves and house beats provided by fellow band mates Alex and Ben. 
“We all had different ideas for the basic rhythmic groove, so I went back and made something like 20 variations with tiny adjustments to the drum and bass patterns, a kick here or a snare nudged over there etc, and from there we decided which was the best one to move forward with,” says Ben who laid the virtual beats and first verse down bwfore sharing it with the group. 

“One night after a gig, I was excited about this new track and so I stayed up late and drunkenly hummed out a few melody ideas – which I also recorded,” Phoebe adds. “Shortly afterwards, I watched a movie called Ex Machina, and it really spoke to me. I loved how it explored artificial intelligence, man vs machine and that balance between natural and digital worlds – without giving the plot away, the imagery in that movie really inspired me to write the lyrics.” 

Listen to Synthetic Heart below. 

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