Jake Meadows feat. Daniel Johns – Lost Entitlement 

Jake Meadows will release his debut EP Good Company on 23 June and the collection sees the Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist enlisting production support from former Silverchair frontman-turned-Aerial Lover, Daniel Johns. 

“Jake Meadows is a poet with too many notes, a musician with too much to say, a true original who inspires and rolls music into movies,” says Daniel. “Good Company is proof that friendship can be born from art”. 

“Daniel and I have been friends for years and he’s always helped me find inspiration,” adds Jake about the Aussie power partnership. “We’ve always worked well together, on different projects, and this collaboration happened really organically. I showed him the tracks I had been working on for the EP, and he offered to produce and be a part of the project, and we just went for it.”

The EP’s multi textured, latest cut Lost Entitlement premiered this week and it mixes ambient electronics, influenced by a recent trip to Spain and the Balearics, with Jake’s accomplished harp skills. The result is an intoxicating composition of classically-infused dancefloor music that’ll have you reaching for the replay button. 

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