Anne-Marie – Alarm [Official Music Video]

Over here in New Zealand, Anne-Marie’s last single Do It Right has been slowly bubbling away around the lower end of the iTunes chart for the past few weeks, following commercial success over the pond in Australia. It’s an amazing feat considering the pop star is still ‘breaking through’ following her return to the music scene chart last year with her Karate EP but this new single looks set to cement her position as one of the UK’s most exciting pop exports. 

Alarm is released today but will officially impact on 15 July and, as soon as you get given an impact date, you know that the label (Atlantic Records in this instance) have plenty of confidence in this empowering banger which was produced by Steve Mac with additional production from Amir Amor of Rudimental – a band with whom Anne-Marie toured for two years as their lead vocalist before earning her solo stripes.

The track is all about trusting your instincts when you know you’re hopping in to bed with a wrong ‘un, and it’s something Anne-Marie learnt the hard way. 

Alarm is about somebody I was dating and I guess I just always had a suspicion that he was doing something naughty,” she says about the track. “I’m a bit of an investigator and I found out my inkling was right! The thing is, he left someone to be with me and I always thought he could do it again. I love this song so much and I hope you love it too.”

It’s fair to say that the buzz for this 25 year old has been widespread and, with festival appearances lined up and a stellar list of producers and writers (Frazer T. Smith, Digital Farm Animals) also set to feature on her upcoming debut album credits, Anne-Marie looks set to dominate 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited about hearing more of her distinct brand of bass-heavy, R&B pop. 

PS. A video is also here and it’s one that draw’s inspiration from Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 visual spectacular William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet which a) was a very good film b) had an amazing soundtrack. 

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