SVĒ feat. Rah-C – Screaming In Your Bed

New York City-based pop star SVĒ released a cracking pop album last year called My Religion which was preceded by the releases of two blinding singles called Talking to the Walls and Riot. It may not have been a huge commercial success but don’t write off SVĒ just yet. The folk at Neon Gold Records have locked her in for their next Popshop gig which takes place on 15 June and this is the US label with Tove Lo, Christine and the Queens, St. Lucia, HAERTS, The Knocks and Marina (amongst others) on their roster. They know what they’re doing. 

Plus SVĒ has just dropped a remix of her album track Screaming in Your Bed featuring newly added vocals from rapper Rah-C which is basically about fuck buddies secretly falling for one another. 

A lot of people will relate to this song in some way or another— if they don’t yet, they probably will at some point in their lives,” SVĒ says. “You meet someone, have a super casual arrangement and start secretly falling for each other. The idea behind this song is, what if we just actually said what we were thinking? What if we actually admitted to ourselves this is more than just surface?”

Quite. Here’s the album iTunes link


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