PRIDES – Rome 

PRIDES return today with their brand new single Rome and it’s a verified banger. The Glasgow band put out their first album, the scorching The Way Back Uplast year having unleashed a run of singles which showed a masterful knack for delivering arena roof-lifting, synth rock bangers. They were even at it a few months ago when they teamed up with Draper on his latest single Break Over You

Rome tears up the PRIDES rule book somewhat by taking a less conventional route to delivering a sound that is still refreshingly similar. It feels like it picks up in the wake of one of PRIDES’ prior pop explosions, a frenetic blast of clattering percussion and ricocheting, electronic beats heavy from the off set, but it’s all held very steady by frontman Stewart Brock’s swooping and soaring, vocal euphoria. 

Lyrically it’s a plea,” says Brock. “To stay, to try, to forgive, to work towards something bigger and better. It was a joy to be writing again, it’s been too long.

With Callum Wiseman back on keyboards and guitar, the line up is seemingly one man down on last year but fans can be reassured that drummer Lewis Gardiner’s absence doesn’t mean he’s not part of the band. 

“Few people asking where @lewisPRIDES has gotten to! He’s still producing our new material! Just won’t be hitting drums with us anymore,” Prides posted on Twitter today – Gardiner having also recently produced fellow Glaswegian KLOE’s pop gem Touch

You can download Rome from iTunes now.

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