Delta Goodrem – Dear Life [Official Music Video]

Last year Delta Goodrem proved that she’s still got the chops to deliver a bloody good pop song. Wings not only shifted 70,000 copies, it flew to the top of the ARIA charts giving her a ninth Australian number one single.

Rather than swiftly following it up with another soaring synth and strings pop number though, Delta has instead opted to revisit steadier ground for her latest release Dear Life which received its video premiere today. 

But fear not. We all know this is not unchartered territory for the singer-songwriter who is as well known for her big ballads (Born To Try, Wish You Were Here) as she is her catchy-as-hell pop bops (Sitting On Top of the World, anyone?) and few artists are still keeping it this simple, yet getting it so right.

Dear Life takes it right back to the crux of what has kept the 31 year old a constant presence on the singles charts, Down Under at least, for the past fifteen years – something few artists can lay claim to. It’s all about genuine sentiment, vocal strength and an untouched musical arrangement. From its wonderful, sweeping string interludes to its wholesome, uplifting message of surviving, Dear Life is textbook Delta at her empowering, balladic best.

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