Ladyhawke – Let It Roll [Official Lyric Video] / The River

Pip Brown – aka Ladyhawke – launched the campaign for her upcoming Wild Things album with a dual iTunes release of lead cut A Love Song and Sweet Fascination and, with just a few weeks left before the record hits stores, she’s at it again with two more tracks making their debut today. 

First up Let It Roll gets a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic lyric video treatment, the track meshing Brown’s hazily-washed vocals – perhaps most intoxicatingly delivered on the stellar Sunday Drive from her 2012 LP Anxiety – with the energy and urgency that made her 2008 self titled debut compelling. It’s refreshingly familiar, connecting her trilogy of releases to date and acting as a reminder that the NZ-born songstress has two ruddy good albums worth revisiting. 

The River bears a closer resemblance to A Love Song in that it’s utterly irresistible and exudes positivity. Ladyhawke has been teasing clips from what looks set to be an equally-as-joyous video on Facebook all week, and so it’s this peppy, percussion driven pop behemoth that’s serving as the album’s second official single. It’s not hard to see why, as its unburdened exuberance reflects the Kiwi singer looking to the future. 

Wild Things is less about past demons and more a catalyst of what’s to come,” the singer has said about her third studio set which is available to preorder now and comes out 3 June. 

This album has given me a sense of purpose. Even if it took me months or years to get that purpose, as soon as I finished that record it was like an unbelievable weight was lifted off my shoulder. Everything I wrote was all the stuff I was going through. I got it out of my system, exorcised it from my soul.”

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