LEISURE feat. GoldLink – Nobody 

Earlier this year, New Zealand band LEISURE set the Mysterex stage at Auckland’s Laneway festival on fire with an early afternoon set showcasing the soft-funk grooves and melodies that have manifested in to multiple viral success stories (To The Top, All Over You and Got It Bad) and catapulted them on to the international circuit. For the rest of the afternoon, various members of the band could be seen on the scaffolding overlooking the stage, enjoying performances from other artists in attendance, one of whom was US rapper GoldLink who has now teamed up with the five piece for their latest release Nobody which premiered today. 

“We were long time fans of GoldLink and it turned out the feeling was reciprocated,” the band posted on Facebook earlier this week. “On his first ever visit to New Zealand, and the day before we both played Laneway Festival NZ, we got into the studio and vibed together to create something special.” 

The psychedelia-stirring calm of Nobody is just part of its appeal. These guys are so chilled, that the coasting, lounge-ready track seems to just come effortlessly but set its relaxed feels aside and you’ll soon find yourself drawn in to the quality of the guys’ combined musicianship and instigated by the warm, washing vocals that are on display here. 

Check it out for yourself below. 

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