Winters End – Thoughts 

Marissa and Christopher Pinto – aka Winters End – caught my attention last year with their stunning debut single Mayfair; a track that I rated highly when I was looking back at my favourite hidden gems of 2015

Today their follow up Thoughts is released and thanks be that it is another stellar reflection of the Australian brother and sister duo’s combined talents. 

For the first half of the song’s four and a half minute running time, Thoughts veers on the right side of 80s power ballad territory – Marissa’s powerful and connected vocals steering the track’s beautifully articulated, heart-wrenching narrative over a piano-driven backing to moments when the whole package simply soars off the scale. Just when you think you know where you’re at, the song gives way at the mid-way point to Christopher’s hazy, instrumental interlude of drums, synths and strings, momentarily stealing you away from the heartache before Marissa returns for an emotionally heightened and fragile outro. 

Winters End have just announced a new Australian tour to support the release of their new single. Find out all the details here and fall for the thought-provoking Thoughts below. 

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