Golden Vessel feat. Lastlings – Never Know 

Max Byrne, the young Aussie producer behind Golden Vessel, teams up with Gold Coast duo Lastlings on this latest taster from his upcoming Before Sleep EP.

Never Know is a captivating measure of Byrne’s chameleon-like adaptability, patterning his textured electronics and serene synths around Amy’s yearning vocals and Josh’s accomplished guitarmanship but, as a fan of the pair’s combined talents, it seems like the pleasure is all his.

I think I was channeling that beautiful drive out to Amy & Josh’s home into the song; windows open, cruising down long windy roads on a warm summer’s day, through the beautiful lush Queensland landscape,” says Byrne about the emotions that he brought tothe beautifully balanced union.

The lyrics for never know came together really quickly and naturally,” add Lastlings who released their debut EP Unreality in January. “They’re a mixture of some lyrics we already had written in our books and some new ones we came up with that day. For us ‘Never Know’ paints a picture in our heads of those times when there’s a thought or recollection replaying in your mind, but the memory is so faded and vague that you start adding different conclusions or sides to a story and get a bit disconnected from what happened and what actually happened”.

Never Know has the added bonus of being temporarily available as a free download via Golden Vessel’s official Soundcloud page where you can also check out his previous single Do You Think About Me feat. MTNS.

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