Garbage – Empty


Strange Little Birds, the sixth studio album from Garbage and the follow up to their 2014 issue Not Your Kind of People, is set to land on 10 June and here we have the lead single Empty.  

The album has already been pegged as a “sweeping, cinematic record of a unified mood – darkness” and if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite about the realms that Shirley, Butch and co are ready to explore, then Empty sure does bring the theme to the fore, with Miss Manson lamenting her desperate lack of fulfilment, over a blistering barrage of searing guitars and thundering drums. 

While it’s a fluid continuation from their last record, the first they independently released via their own STUNVOLUME label, Empty also evokes the defiant, brooding spirit and untamed vulnerability of Garbage’s early material which helped them to straddle the boundaries of rock and pop and gain a wide army of loyal fans, leaving them as one of just a handful of originals from the 90s Britpop era who can still draw a more-than-willing crowd to their shows today. 

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