Kris Allen – Waves [Official Music Video]

Kris Allen has premiered the music video for the lead single from his latest album Letting You In which was released last month.

Waves is the first song that the 30 year old Arkansas native wrote for the record, and lyrically it embraces the highs and lows, but ultimately the rewards, of being in love without straying in to mawkish or clichéd territory. While the subject may not be uncommon, Allen brings to the track genuine emotion and sincerity – his impressive vocal hanging on to every lyric and effortlessly traversing the guitar-licked ebbs and flows.

The full length follow up to the former American Idol winner’s 2014 set Horizons sees Allen continuing to forge his own path, seven years after his profile-raising triumph . He co-wrote each song, deliberately resisting the urge to use his influences as reference points and, like its predecessor, Letting You In was recorded in Nashville with one team of producers.  

“I don’t feel like I write into one genre. I’m never going to. I enjoy so many different types of music, whether it be African music or R&B or country. My influences come from everywhere. I write songs, and then, I get into the studio and there is the same people playing and producing in the same studio. It all has this cohesiveness to it, but you don’t get bored.”

Watch the video for Waves below.

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