THANKS – Dizzy 

It’s been nearly two years since we last gave thanks for THANKS, a Danish duo made up of pop behemoth Alphabeat’s Anders SG and Anders B. They launched their new project with the brilliant Comeback Girl, promising a sound of “The Jets produced by Calvin Harris and Rostam Batmanglij with Phil Spector on the line” but that track later disappeared and all went quiet – presumably so the pair could regroup and forge a new path.

That done, here then is THANKS’ now official debut single Dizzy, a fierce slab of genre-bending funky fun, that delivers soul, electronica and jubilant pop in one super sized package. Its success has been determined by a non-typical approach to how it was created; multiple recording sessions taking place over two days in four studios with different performers and THANKS then picking through the edits to determine the final cut. No re-recordings or second takes – what you hear, is what they got and what they’ve got is a euphoric banger that’s quite unlike anything else you’ll hear on the radio.

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