Secret Weapons – Something New [Official Music Video]

Last September, it only took me one listen to Something New – the anthemic, Alex Aldi-produced pop debut from Neon Gold prodigés Secret Weapons – to find myself instantly addicted to its irresistible earworm of a chorus and cascading waves of punchy, electronic synths; my love for the track eventually reflected in spots in both Chart Shaker’s countdowns for the hottest songs of 2015 (#25 no less) as well as a runthrough of the best hidden gems of the year.

But something tells me it won’t go hidden for much longer, thanks to a renewed push that’ll hopefully give Gerry Lange and Danny Rocco’s storming first single the much worthy attention that it undeniably deserves, and it’s all kicking off again today with the track’s official music video which premiered on Popcrush.

Hell-bent on getting you hooked from the offset with a bombardment of vibrant electroplay, Something New soars to even greater heights later as the steamrolling vocals explode in to a handclap-backed, gospel-infused outro. Done donk on it.

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