Tegan and Sara – U-Turn / Boyfriend 

Rocking up with not one but two jolly good tunes this week are Tegan and Sara, who have just released the first tasters from their upcoming tenth studio album Love You To Death.  

The Quin sisters’ last LP Heartthrob was packed with this kind of twinkling synthpop and it quite rightly won them a whole new legion of fans. That album was launched with the relentless, attention-stealing electrobanger Closer, and here it’s matched by the 80s-propelling juggernaut U-Turn which, of the two new songs, has the CHUNKIEST chorus by far. 

Boyfriend, as lovely as it is, does seem like quite a safe play – very much a continuation of the sound we heard on Heartthrob – but, with its sweet vocals, swirling cosmos of starry beats and prettily dressed up undercurrent of angsty relationship issues, will still satisfy the hoards who have still got the Canadian pair’s last set on their playlist. 

Love You To Death is due out on 3 June. Preorder it now and get both tracks as instant downloads. 

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