Puro Instinct – Tell Me 


When you Google a band you’ve never heard of before to find out that they released an album called Headbangers In Ecstasy, you sure as hell know that you’re on the path to a good thing. 

That’s what happened when I heard the twinkling sheen of Puro Instinct’s shimmering new single Tell Me, recommended via the crowd at PressPlay (OK?), which is a sublime piece of 80s-drenched, St Etienne-esque dreampop that’ll wrap you up in a cocoon of synths and make you never want to unravel. Think 

Sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan have been knocking about for a while now, the duo’s aforementioned debut LP having come out way back in 2011. This is the first taste from their follow up  Autodrama which sees them reflecting on how they’ve been adapting in the past five years. 

Headbangers-era was about being sucked into the flames, and Autodrama is about rising from the ashes of that experience, with the lessons in tact and our ‘demons’ working for us, instead of against us,” they told Gorilla vs Bear

Polished pop phoenixes incoming, then. What a bloody delight. 

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