Aeo – Fight 

Sometimes it just takes a song to land at that right moment for it to make an impact and Fight by London newcomer Aeo does just that.

This is essentially a big pop belter that’s packed with all the essentials – pivotal key change moments, a rousing, lighters-in-the-air chorus that’s easy to sing along with your eyes closed to, and those all important, curtain-raising backing vocals. The only difference being that Fight is the debut single from a singer-songwriter whose line in music is soul, not pop-by-the-book per se.

On the basis of this song alone, Aeo’s commendably rich pipes are most likely to draw comparisons to those of fellow Brit Lemar and, while Fight doesn’t quite unleash them full throttle here, instead opting to let the production and BVs bring the song to an impressive head, there’s enough to suggest that this is a mere taster of what’s to come from the 22 year old

“The lyrics to Fight are inspired by my pursuit of a career in music, which has spanned five years so far,” he says. “I’ve had to fight for what I believe is my first love and passion – music. This song tells that story, and it’s a personal note to myself, telling me not to give up.”

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