Jimi Charles Moody – Turns To Gold 


This new track from Jimi Charles Moody is a hugely entertaining blast of blustering, Americana-infused rock and roll that channels and harnesses the unbridled fire of a classic spaghetti western. 

Sounding like it’s been lifted straight out of a soundtrack to some Tarantino-amped cowboy flick, you’d be best listening to this one in a Texan saloon with a beer in your hand, waiting for the double doors to swing open and reveal the silhouette of a bad guy clasping his holsters and blocking out the sunlight. Or another option is to just listen to the song and soak up the adventurous spirit of it in your own surroundings. 

According to Moody – who was recently unveiled as the alter ego of Rizzle Kicks’ Harley – it is “the only positive song about love on my record. It’s not, however, anything to do with any of my own experiences. I wrote it for a friend.”

The record he talks about is the  follow up to his debut EP Islington which was released to iTunes (link here) last November and featured the soulful single The Woman. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we are hearing more from it. 

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