Benji Lewis – Night & Day 


Australian singer-songwriter Benji Lewis this week releases his debut EP Hearts & Halos, and now you can grab a listen to its fourth and final single, Night & Day

The Melbourne-based newcomer wrote Night & Day in the months following the loss of his mother to cancer, and that emotionally devastating context really makes this particular song from the EP cut deep as he relays the pain and solace that he sought during those dark days. This isn’t a track that superficially skims the surface of heartache – it’s one that dives in to the recesses and turns out the kind of gut-wrenching pain you don’t want to ever imagine feeling. 

“Night & Day’ is about the love you have for someone who has known and been there for you, your whole life,” says Benji. “It’s a song about unconditional love, and comparing that love to the undoubting belief of night and day.”

That’s not to say Night & Day – or the EP for that matter – is overwrought, or weighed down in melancholy. There’s a theme of loss of some sort throughout for sure, but the lyrics of the latest cut focus equally on finding the strength to get through the pain and much of the anguish is transferred via some seriously haunting and soul-drenched vocals that ride on waves of synths against a backdrop of bubbling, multi-textures electronics. 

Hearts & Halos
 is available now from iTunes and you can stream the EP below. 

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