Alex Newell – B.O.Y (Basically Over You)

If you missed Alex Newell’s star-turning debut EP POWER upon its release in February, consider this notice to get with the game.

Today, the actor and singer-songwriter debuted the music video for B.O.Y (Basically Over You) which is arguably the best cut from one of the year’s most empowering pop collections – one that you can stream in full here.

The clip – which Newell directed himself with Derec Dunn- brings that celebratory relationship emancipation to the fore, and also stars Nyle DiMarco, America’s latest and last Next Top Model, so some inspired casting right there. He plays Newell’s suit-smart ex-boyfriend who finds himself on the receiving end of the falsetto-flexing powerhouse’s wrath.

Visual aside, this is one absolute banger for the emotionally bloodied. Crank up the volume, blast it out and sing it loud and proud with attitude, because that’s what it was surely made for. And if the original isn’t, then the string of remixes below from Todd Terry, Bobby Blanco and the like, most definitely are.

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