Harriet – Permission to Kiss


Harriet’s music is so beautifully old fashioned, but in all of the right ways.

The Hertfordshire singer’s latest single Permission to Kiss is so unapologetically sunny and retro, you feel like you could be listening to the wireless in a Stateside suburban home in the 60s; looking out of the window on to the uniformly tree-lined avenue where dad is teaching his daughter to ride her bike, and mum is looking on from beyond the white picket fence with a jug of homemade lemonade.

Sure, it’s out of context with life now but Harriet manages to effortlessly tap in to that unspoiled, feelgood nostalgic glow that represents the memories which we all like to bask in from time to time. Permission to Kiss is also another Steve Anderson production, the pair having worked together since Harriet first emerged on the music scene a few years ago, and his full arrangement injects the song with a Buble-esque bounce and a timeless quality that befits his protegee’s yesteryear vocals.

Although the majority of her prior releases have been heartfelt ballads, Harriet has flirted with chipper pop before but, with its tongue in cheek lyrics about leading her guy to make the first move, Permission to Kiss is by far the her most quietly assertive offering yet.

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