Thomston x Wafia – Window Seat

Thomston - Window Seat

Brisbane siren Wafia joins Thomston on the New Zealand singer’s latest single Window Seat which received its first play earlier this week on Australia’s Triple J and is now on Spotify, ready for everyone to succumb to its bewitching allure.

The collaboration, Thomston’s follow up to his November release brain-dead, is as inspired as it is striking. Both artists have been making significant inroads over the past eighteen months, honing their skills at melding oscillating electronics, contemporary R&B and impassioned emotion. 

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise then that Window Seat is so compelling.

For the most part, there’s little conflict between the pair’s very distinct and dexterous vocals. Wafia leads first; her sensual coos gliding over the song’s shuddering beats and intermittent piano interludes. When Thomston comes in, the juxtaposition with his own nuanced, underplayed approach adds the dynamism that the pair have so often shown in their prior solo releases but it’s when their voices melt together in its final third, that the song reaches its intoxicating denouement and showcases the incredible versatility of both artists involved. 

Earlier today, Thomston said on Twitter that even the song’s artwork was chosen because it “perfectly represents the song’s narrative”.

Listen to Window Seat below and look out for the 20 year old singer and producer’s upcoming debut studio album which will be released later this year.

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