Ladyhawke – A Love Song / Sweet Fascination [Official Lyric Videos]


Pip Brown – aka Ladyhawke – has been absent from the charts for four years, her last album Anxiety coming out back in 2012, four years after her self-titled debut propelled her to fame, spawning the singles Paris Is Burning, Magic and My Delirium

Out today, A Love Song – the lead cut from the Masterton-born singer-songwriter’s upcoming third studio release Wild Things arrives just a week before she returns to the stage, performing at Auckland City Limits (19 March) alongside Kendrick Lamar, Broods, The National, The Naked and Famous and Jarryd James. 

The song’s title says it all. This is an all-out love song; not an unrequited one, not an agsty one, not a ballad. It’s an in-your-face blast of upbeat, euphoric electropop that unapologetically celebrates everything positive about “the oldest tale of time” and can neatly be applied to lovers past and present. 

While a surprise guest feature on Tiësto’s superb album cut Last Train whetted our appetites for Ladyhawke’s return back in 2014, this long overdue new release and the ramps up the excitement levels even further plus there is album need to add to the occasion. 

Wild Things comes out 8 June and is available to preorder from iTunes now and, in doing so you’ll get both A Love Song and Sweet Fascination as instant downloads. A full tracklist can be found at the foot of this post. 

A music video which was being finished off in London this week is coming for A Love Song, but for now, here’s a lyric video each for the two new offerings. 

Wild Things tracklist:

    1. A Love Song
    2. The River
    3. Wild Things
    4. Let It Roll
    5. Chills
    6. Sweet Fascination
    7. Golden Girl
    8. Hillside Avenue
    9. Money to Burn
    10. Wonderland
    11. Dangerous


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