Blake Shelton – Came Here To Forget [New Single]


“I’ve got so much to say ’cause of what’s happened in the last year and a half in my life,” Blake Shelton said in a recent interview with Sirius XM about his upcoming tenth studio album.

“As a country artist, you’re supposed to sing about your personal experiences in real life and stuff, and  it’s not anything big or dramatic or anything on there but it’s definitely songs that represent about each couple of months that went by in the last year and a half. And I’m proud of that because it’s hard to set out and have an idea of how you’re going to make a record, and actually have it all come together. And it came together easily this time because it was easy to just fall from my memories.”

Arguably the biggest ‘storyline’ from the chart-topping country star’s past year and a half was the breakdown of his marriage with fellow singer Miranda Lambert, and his subsequent relationship with Gwen Stefani following the collapse of her relationship with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.

New single Came Here to Forget – a brooding love song about two souls finding one another – candidly throws insight in to how the pair’s relationship blossomed following their respective divorces, with Blake singing “You’re getting over him, and I’m getting over her, ain’t gotta say a word.”

“That’s why it’s you and me, buying each other drinks, back at the bar as thick as thieves. Doing our best to make the best of the worst of it.”

Written by Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan, Came Here To Forget was released today and you can stream it below. The Boys Round Here singer’s last record Bringing Back The Sunshine gave him his third consecutive Billboard Country #1 on the album countdown and second #1 on the Billboard 200.



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