Laura Welsh – Let Me Go London [New Single]

Laura Welsh’s talent is undeniable.

John Legend featured on The Hardest Part from the her debut album Soft Control which came out last January and, long before she’d even gained her first taste of commercial success on Gorgon City’s Here For You, she had already caught the attention of Dev Hynes who co-produced/wrote her early releases Unravel and Undiscovered – the latter finding a belated resurgence in popularity after it featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

Last October, she returned with a new song called Sex and Violence. Today she’s back with another offering that reminds me of everything that I fell in love with when I first heard her voice back in early 2013.

Deploying pulsing, shadowy electronics and rich gospel waves of intoxicating backing vocals, Let Me Go London sees Welsh reuniting with her long-term collaborators Richard Frenneaux and Graham Archer, who know better than to let their albeit rich, atmospheric production detract from the Staffordshire talent’s own sumptuous, smokey pipes which are in their element right here as they embrace the beauty in the unknown.

“Although London and LA are referenced, the song isn’t about the location or geography of a particular place,” she says. “This is a song that is simply about accepting the way you are built. Accepting the way you are natured. And most importantly accepting the need for change to be able to truly move forward… No more than that really.”

Welsh is about to get back in the studio to record the follow up to Self Control. For now, just enjoy this stunning new single.

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